From Activist Lawyering to Artistic Exploration by Dr.Carolijn Terwindt

Dr. Carolijn Terwindt is an accomplished social justice lawyer who is now exploring her transformation into becoming an artist. She is presently a Researcher in Residence at Vasl Artists’ Association. She studied law and anthropology from Utrecht University. She joined the Business and Human Rights program at ECCHR in 2012. She has worked closely with workers and their families in Pakistan and Bangladesh on cases of corporate liability in the textile industry. She further developed novel litigation on socio-economic rights om relation to the agribusiness in India. She has published on a wide range of topics, including identity politics, politics, anti-terrorism legislation, contentious criminalization, and the liability of pharmaceuticals off-shoring their clinical trials. She extensively researches and writes on issues pertinent to her work. Dr. Terwindt has recent published her book titled: “When Protest Become Crime: Politics and Law in Liberal Democracies – Anthropology. Culture and Society”. She now looks forward to exploring herself as an artist.

Some of her research work can be read at: