Case of Nayab Umrani

Case of Nayab Umrani

Nayyab Umrani had submitted a complaint before the Human Rights Cell, Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, on which the Honourable Supreme Court took cognizance and took the complaint as Human Rights Case No. 39438-S of 2018. Through the aforementioned complaint, Nayyab Umrani had stated about the atrocities faced by her at the hands of her step brothers, that resulted in the murder of the four members of her family i.e. mother, sister-in-law, brother and her sister. As a result, she had sought directions for the just disposal of the criminal trials as well her civil rights to obtain her properties which is entitled to receive by virtue of inheritance as the said properties in Districts Jacobabad, Naseerabad, Sohbatpur and Jaffarabad belonged to her (late) father i.e. Mr. Sikandar Umrani. As a result, Orders were passed by the Honourable Supreme of Pakistan, which were not complied by the relevant public authorities.

As a result, Nayyab Umrani has filed Criminal Original Petition No.12 of 2020 before the Honourable Supreme Court against the Deputy Commissioners of the above Districts for violation of the above Orders passed in Human Rights Case No. 39438-S of 2018, which is pending adjudication.

Criminal Original Petition No.12 of 2020 is also pending along with Criminal Original Petition No.33 of 2020 filed by the step brother of Nayyab Umrani for violation of the above Orders.

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