Petition For Enhanced School Security

Petition For Enhanced School Security

CP No. 269 of 2015 [PILER and Others vs. Province of Sindh and Others]

The Petition was filed shortly after the deadly terror assault on Army Public School in Peshawar on 16th December, 2014, that killed over 140 people, including 131 students. The Petition seeks to ensure comprehensive and effective security of children studying in educational institutions and further to declare that the provision of additional and discriminatory protection to “VVIPs”, including government officials and politicians without any reasonable classification and basis, is unconstitutional.

During the proceedings in the said Petition, the Secretary Education Department, Government of Sindh, submitted a Report dated 23.02.2016, which revealed that the cost for raising boundary walls of 3030 verified institutions (for ensuring security and protection) amounts to approximately Rs. 1684.573 Million, which is pending approval of the Chief Minister, Sindh. Furthermore, the Honourable Sindh High Court has directed the Chief Secretary of Sindh, the Secretary of Education Department of Sindh and the Secretary of Home Department of Sindh to submit reports after every three months in respect of the security arrangements at educational institutions.

On 28.03.2017, in pursuance to the direction of the Court, the counsel for the Petitioners submitted an Action Plan proposing enhanced security measures to be adopted by the Government of Sindh for all educational institutions.

On 25.05.2018, the Respondent No. 2 & 3, Secretary Education and Literacy Department and Secretary Home Department, filed their Comments before the Honourable High Court of Sindh, which were taken on record. A letter was also written to Home Secretary by AIGP recommending security measure.

The Petition is currently pending before theHonourable High Court of Sindh.

The following documents are available for viewing online:

  1. Memo of Constitutional Petition
  2. Reported dated 23.02.2016
  3. High Court Order dated 25.05.2015 & 28.03.2017 
  4. Action Plan
  5. High Court Order dated 25.05.2018
  6. Progress Reports of Respondent No. 2
  7. Compliance Report of Respondent No. 3
  8. Letter of AIGP