Violation of Building laws and Un-authorised Construction

Violation of Building laws and Un-authorised Construction

CP No. 1038 of 2013 [PILER and Others Versus Province of Sindh and Others]

The Petition was filed by inter alia, PILER (Petitioner) against Malir Development Authority and Maymar Housing Services (Respondents) challenging the illegal change of the layout plan of Scheme No.45 Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi, and the illegal conversion of amenity and public plots to other lands uses by the Malir Development Authority. The Petitioner sought to restrain Maymar Housing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. from carrying out any conversion or commercial activity based on the impugned layout plan and further to declare that the Environmental Impact Assessment studies are a pre-requisite while revising any Layout Plan.

The Petitioners entered into a Settlement Agreement with Maymar Housing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. vide Settlement Agreement dated: 6-5-2014, whereby, inter alia, the Maymar Housing Services (Pvt.) Ltd. agreed that no change will occur in the status and overall size of the amenity plots [i.e. for schools, parks, play-grounds or other amenity purposes] and that all plots allocated for the purpose of amenities in the previous layout plan will be maintained and not used for any purpose other than its originally allocated purpose. The Petition was disposed off through Order dated: 30.10.2014.

The following documents are available for viewing online:

1. Memo of the Constitutional Petition
2. Settlement Agreement dated 6.05.2014
3. Order dated 30.10.2014 of the Honourable High Court of Sindh